THIS is what Chronic Illness looks like.

This is what Chronic Illness looks like. I’m reblogging this post because it is often difficult to be so sick and “not look sick.”   I have my good days and bad days,it can be a struggle but I try to remain as positive as I can. If I say I’m tired or can’t make it out to something it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I physically can’t. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, I am grateful for all of the people in my life and the opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have, but sometimes we all need a bit of understanding.

I’m enjoying the nice weather in DC at the National Police Memorial.



THIS is what chronic illness looks like.

Indisposed and Undiagnosed

You all obviously know about the irritating assumption that we are not sick, because we don’t LOOK sick.

People associate illness with common physical effects like pale skin, an agonised facial expression, weight loss, tubes coming out of our noses, a tumor or wound that is VISIBLE.

What does Chronic Illness look like?
What do our symptoms look like?

N O T H I N G.
They are I N V I S I B L E.
They cannot be seen, but are very much REAL.

So, lets set the story straight once and for all.
THIS is the face of Chronic Illness:

This is what Chronic Illness looks like. Nauseous – Dizzy – Nerve Pain – Neck Pain – Stomach cramps.

I really encourage you to take a similar photo of yourself, and post it with the title “THIS is what Chronic Illness looks like“.

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